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Default A decision to make.

Okay, as i mentioned on the TT thread i need to make a decision. I will keep this short but would appreciate peoples views on this.

So, i gave the 2.6 coupe (Stormtrooper) to my grandson JTCOUPE a couple of years ago and bought a 3.2TT, nothing has been done with the coupe as JT doesn't have a lot of time and no garage. The coupe needs a lot of work now.

The TT just needs it's new wings and sill trims fitting and painting etc. This is mainly due to me being the type of person who hates corrosion repairs as they don't last on those areas.

The TT is worth far far more than the coupe even without any work being done !

So, here is the decision i need to make, do i sell the TT to make room for the coupe and start work on it ? Or do i just do the TT and forget about the coupe ?

I would like to hear what people on this forum think.

Many thanks,
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