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Originally Posted by 20vcqdriver View Post
Had good fun Saturday although only doing the parade laps caused me concern as after following not far behind the red R8 and able to do plenty of heavy braking before corners I realised despite Black diamond grooved 280mm discs and pads up front and 256mm at the rear, (both with standard calipers) I was starting to get brake fade. I am therefore looking for anyone who may of further uprated the braking on these series 2's bearing in mind I am sticking with the 15" Ronals for originality.
Have found this site but had no experience of them. All feedback appreciated.

I've just put Brembo OE discs (euro car parts stock them) and EBC yellow Stuff pads on our 2.0 B4 Coupe, it has G54 single pot calipers with 280mm disc, and I am yet to fade these. You may point out an engine difference here but trust me if I'm not fading these brakes you'll struggle. There are a few here that may vouch for this
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