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Windscreen taped up for our European travels and the trip to Edinburgh and was completely watertight for 4 months and 5,000 odd miles.
Tape now removed and car now at the bodyshop for the repairs to be done prior to the fitting of a new windscreen - photos to follow later this evening.

This is the upper driver's side corner before windscreen removal - corrosion visible bubbling under the paint. There is also more corrosion on the top edge and down the N/S A pillar.

Strong-arm tactics to remove the trim around the screen.

Reason why it will have a new screen when the corrosion has been dealt with.

Clever contraption that is used to cut through the PU adhesive. The cord is pushed through the adhesive at the bottom from the inside, and a loop is pulled through from outside. The loop is passed around the screen and back to the pulley which is cranked tight from inside. The cord then cuts through the adhesive releasing the glass. It cracked when the string pulled the adhesive off the corroded aperture putting stress on the glass.

View of the upper aperture showing the extent of the corrosion; almost 70% of the top edge, 100% of both A pillars. The fitter who did the screen in 2005 made a real mess of it even to the extent of using the wrong seal assembly, according to the bloke who took it out yesterday.

Detail of the top edge corrosion. The brown stuff is soft and powdery.

Fortunately, there are no holes anywhere.

Top edge after wire-brushing/grinding away the rust and treatment with ortho-phosphoric acid.

Driver's side A-pillar after acid treatment.

The excess acid will be removed with water using clean cotton cloth, wiping over the area several times and then primed with a three-pack epoxy primer. I know, I had not come across a three pack system before but it is the dog's dangly bits apparently as it sticks to the substrate like Araldite giving a very hard surface for the adhesive to bond onto. Good old Tornado Rot two-pack PU paint then goes over the area around the area where the adhesive is applied.

That's all for now, more tomorrow I hope.

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