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Originally Posted by SwallownAmazon View Post
A quick phone call to Autoglass elicited the fact that yes, they will honour the warranty but the glass is now on "back order" from the factory and they will let me know when it comes in.
Another update: Autoglass came today with a new screen and "pattern part" rubber surround but when the fitter saw the rubber surround and chrome trim that was fitted to the car, he told me the one he had brought will leave a very unsightly gap between it and the screen pillar. He also thought that the small area of paint bubbling at the top of the screen against the roof panel concealed further corrosion (very likely) and therefore declined to do the job this morning because the adhesive they use now will not adhere permanently to rusty metal (also very likely). He filled out a job report for his boss to approve a small repair to the aperture (for which I have to obtain a quote and they will pay for) before the new screen is fitted and his advice as a temporary measure was to surround the existing trim with tape to prevent water ingress.
I have already had a copy of the report by email and the local manager will get in touch with me after the weekend to make all the arrangements.
First class service from AUTOGLASS.
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