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Originally Posted by sisut View Post
Hi Colin,
Iíve had my quattro for 11 years and am JUST over the hill in Linlithgow! Itís been a long restoration over last few years and is so very nearly running that it would be great to meet up soon, missed this event by 1 day but definitely going to try and see you soon. Cheers, Simon
O shit, please accept my apology for missing the meeting in Livingston today, my world has been turned on its head, my mother was taken into Larbert hospital on Friday and that is where I was today, she is doing well and will be out soon, since Friday the Golf is off the road with a front wheel bearing problem, mothers Fiesta was the back up plan it now has a front drives side broken coil spring and is off the road, S2 and Gt coupe are in Tillicoultry and I am using the Ur quattro to travel back and forth to the hospital, also the CD player in the Ur quattro has stopped working and one of the 4 monitors I use for work has gone so to say this week wasn't a good week would be an understatement, anyway on ward and up ward and see what net week brings, Simon PM sent.
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