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Update on rebuilt engine, Started car in garage was starting to reverse out and looked down at dash to find the oil pressure light was still on and oil pressure gauge was at 0 bar, after swapping the oil pressure gauge sender and oil pressure switch in the engine block it became quite clear that the oil pressure problem was in the engine, then removed oil filter, and replaced it with a 3/4 filled new oil filter, still oil pressure light was on but when I removed the new oil filter there was no more oil in the filter that I had put in it, so, sub frame off, sump off, bumper off, front panel removed, crank pulley off and timing belt all to get to the oil pump, lift pipe in the sump was ok with no holes in it, so back to the oil pump, the pump was new when fitted 1200 miles ago and looks like its stuffed, and is over 2 years since I got it from GSF car parts, will need to fit a second had pump and see how it runs.
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