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Persevered with this when time's allowed me to do so.

I've remembered another reason why I pay others for bodywork, it's bloody time consuming!

Mirror backs, front wing trims, front panel (above bumper) door handles (which are a giggle to get back in place in a Coupe) and wiper arms done so far.

Slight colour shift for the new paint under flash/artificial light but looks fine in daylight.

Pile of bits building up

Went for a full set of KYB Excel - G shocks. These are the 'go to' shock for Subaru's (I've got a set on my WRX) and they are excellent, they are gas filled rather than the oil ones on my 90, I'm looking forward to seeing if there's a noticeable difference (I'll be disappointed if there's not).

Door trims just about done, again time consuming with the worst of it being cleaning them to this stage

First one almost done, second one at the same stage minus the wood/pocket.

Went to do the cabin filter and realised that being a B3 it doesn't have one. However it did have a completely blocked drain on that side, there's so much crud you can't even see the drain......

Rotor arm, distributor cap, plugs and oil pressure sender all done. Rotor was very worn with at least 2mm being worn off of the top.

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