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Originally Posted by Hanuman View Post
Paul Fernandez/custom auto craft was marketing these. While he closed down the Luxembourg operation a few years ago, he's making a slow revival in Portugal. Going onto his old site was giving a link to the new operation. I've had some bits for the V8 from him.

Whether he has these available again is another matter, as much of his stock at the time was sold off.

Autewo is another fairly good source of parts- I've recently bought some bits from there.

I take it tradition don't have the bit?
One of the facebook people just sent me the link for Paul's new site, I've just popped him off an email to see if he has any so i'll see if he comes back to me. Another also suggested that tradition are doing them but only one of he sides, I'm just looking up the site now to see what they have. A new one would be great but I might have to get both as the other is reasonably ok but you'd see the difference and being the pedantic perfectionist I am it would annoy the head off me them not looking the same!

I'll have a look at Autewo, I've not come across them before so thanks for the tip.
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