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Originally Posted by davallew View Post
Unbelievable these people are first grade tossers. They've taken the piss out of Carl selling his 16 Valve B4 and now after agreeing a deal on this with a good friend of mine taking his Cabby in part exchange plus a goodly amount of cash. He has paid a deposit and spent all weekend getting the Cabby ready for MOT today, ordered new door trims from Germany and insured it to pick up on Thursday he gets an email yesterday afternoon informing him they have decided to keep it for their collection

Well I was already thinking of paying a visit to them armed with my trusty baseball bat as I'm just over 30 out of pocket thanks to this shower of sh1te, so just how your friend is feeling Dave I shudder to think!

Maybe I should have posted my warning about them a little earlier as it was only after I posted that I realised this car was being sold by the same underhanded moron
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