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Default Trip to Audi historic museums

OK, so I'm arranging a trip to the Audi Historic museums 1st week Sept.
I have only a few interested and going from Club Audi so am extending the invite to Classic Audi.
Its more of a driving holiday with the Museums thrown in, with the option to stay until Monday to have a factory tour if the new stuff is of interest .
So most are meeting at the Best Western in Dover on the Thursday evening, With a trip from Dover at 8am to Calais or Dunkirk (both been booked by members so far) and a fun drive to Würzburg (60 miles north of Ingolstadt). On Saturday morning its an hours drive to the Museums (recommend paying for all the tours available) and then staying at same hotel Saturday night.
Options are then open, some are staying and making it a longer slow trip back, others like me are heading back to get the 8pm ferry back to Dover.
Anyone after more specific details please let me know and put your name forward here

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