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Originally Posted by quattrodave View Post
16 inch use a 205/55 tyre or if you want wider width/lower profile use a 225/50
17 inch use a 205/50 or if you want wider width/even lower profile use a 225/45

Any of the above would keep the overall diameter similar to the original 205/60 x 15 or 195/65 x 15 depending on what you have fitted now.

Would need 7j rims idealy and the later cabs came with a 4 x 108 PCD wheel in either 16 inch (8 spoke can't remember the name) or 17 inch (bolero + rare and expensive) assuming you want original audi wheels.

You could go 18 but then its aftermarket wheels only and the tyres would need to be 205/45 or 225/40 but the the ride quality would be crap (in my opinion) as you've only got 90mm ish (3.5 inch) of rubber between you and the road compared to 122.5 mm ish (nearly 5 inch) on standard tyres on 15 inch wheels.
I'm still using the current 15" wheels so would need to know what tyres would fit the 15's and still achieve a lower profile.
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