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Originally Posted by audi80fan View Post
Thanks for that Dave. Yes I will be glad to close this chapter.

Ah just re-read the post. OK I guess I will have to start justifying the price. Here goes:-

Upgraded steering wheel - 100 all day long on ebay
Gearknob - 40
New suspension components included in sale - 50
Exhaust manifold and gasket - 80
Parts for engine only last week 50
Replacement indicators to pass MOT 20
Replacement alloys (nobody likes 10 spokes).
New battery - 50

Plus other bits I probably missed and a shed load of my time. I'll be honest this project has not been an investment at all, if it was then a very bad one. I stand to lose money hand over fist. I have 700 spent on wrap material, and another 1500- 2000 on RS2 bits and pieces that I am sure to lose on.

But, thats the trouble when you buy these sort of cars, previous owner always feels aggrieved at the selling price when you come to sell it. Another reason I want to close this chapter and move on with my life.
No not aggrieved Simon, I know how these things add up, just interesting how the 700 I paid for the car in July 2013 has risen to todays level, I think I spent around 400 on the car sorting the headlamps, new radiator, belts, coilpack, knock sensors, wheels, tyres, clear indicators (yes I took the orange ones off) and numerious hours spent fitting them and fettling to get it running better. But that said these things are still going up in price and yes it needs interior work to bring it up to scratch.

As a comprision the 2000 model A4 1.8 TQS I bought to replace it has already consumed 2000 in the past 10 months on top of the 1000 I paid for it last September just putting past maladies to rights and general servicing (none of the 2000 spent includes any garage time as I do it myself).

If it does go to someone on here I have the original air conditioning system (needs new rad and dryer) and a spare exhaust system and somewhere the interior door material (quattro script) if I ever find it again.

Amusing I fitted the 10 spokes to put it back to original as it had the 6 spoke cab wheels on when I got it, the 10 spokes came off my Coupe quattro, hope the wheels you've fitted have as good a set of tyres, I also removed the original 3 spoke wheel as I thought it had some additional value to sell seperately, the 4 spoke was the leather one I bought in 1998 to replace the plastic wheel originally on my Audi 90 Quattro 20v (it was since replaced some years ago by a 3 spoke).

GLWS no hard feelings, but you should have run it after you bought it thats the way you bond with a car and iron out all the little niggles rather than finding them at MOT time.

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