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Default Audi 80 2.6 Quattro Estate
Seller Type : Private
Vehicle Make : Audi
Vehicle Model : 80 Avant Quattro
Price : 995
Location : Barnard Castle Durham.

Audi 80 2.6 Quattro Estate

Interesting number plate L51 MNV. Becoming a rare car nowadays.

I also have a replacement exhaust manifold and front ball joint available priced separately which is what the car failed its MOT on.

I have upgraded the steering wheel and gearknob and spent a couple of hundred on bits and pieces. The fuel lines were replaced for copper lines last year by quattrodave. It has a slightly noisy alternator which you can hear on startup and a slight oil leak which is a common V6 problem.


Few minor dents here and there on the sides, no rust, very solid. Paint fade on roof / bonnet.


Quattro script cloth seats. Sunroof works. Headlining removed and needs replacing (I have all parts). All electrics work. Remote central locking. CD player.

I believe the car failed this MOT as it was sat unused for the best part of 10 months which is not ideal. It passed with no advisories on the previous 3 years prior to that if you check MOT history. The car has done around 198,000 miles. Clocks were changed a few years ago as they were broken. Now reading around 134,000 miles. Runs great regardless.

Price 995. No offers.

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