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Originally Posted by Ben View Post
Just asking because there's a right wing bias to your opinions. There doesn't seem to be anything in there that's your own original opinion, almost like you have been programmed to propagate this message out to the suburbs of social media. This is a one make car forum, but you felt the need to post up a rather one sided view of what is happening in the (fantasy) world of brexit.

Is there anything the remainers have said that you agree with?

Hmm. Cant say i frequent any social media sites so it cant have come from there.😊
Right wing bias you say well yes i do hail from that side of the debate as its as legitimate a side to be on as any other its not really a great surprise that my thoughts on the whole affair may well be tinged from that perspective.
Original opinions.... Hmm well its original to me.

As for agreeing with anything the remainers (sounds like a 60's folk music band) have said, no not really there doesnt appear to be anything particularly agreeable with their proposals thus far as most all seem to be of the opinion that it wont work or leave voters are stupid/ racist/ ill informed etc.
I remain (no pun) sceptical of their arguments and moreso of their motives.
I am however willing to listen, why wont they?
Not sure what the forum marque following has to do with it all tho as i posted up in general chat not technical etc...😉
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