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Originally Posted by The Duke View Post
Happy to put my UR on the stand if you’d have it
All i'm doing Duke is trying to rally some troops here as Colin put this up first to a wall of silence. Of course your UR would be most welcome. Personally i'd love to see this achieved, and something to feel proud to be a part of. If the Facebook groupe "Audi Coupe Cabriolet " can do it with complete amateurs with no previous experience then why can't we? One or 2 do talk about not letting this place die, they know who they are, well it's time to put some substance on the bone. After all we all benefit with the many question and help people get on here. Only one problem, usually costs to get the space for a stand, how much i'm not sure. Maybe Colin can ask what the costs are of getting a small stand and go from there.However it's getting very close to the show and needs quick action to see if space is available and what the costs are.
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