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Thanks both. I've removed the circlips/closing plates from the pivot and with the liberal application of WD40 and a lot of cycling it's now free and the sensor plate falls under its own weight. I've reinstalled the unit to the car and the metering head now works correctly. The metering head plunger was stuck open before I rebuilt it but now it behaves as it should, no fuel at the injectors when the air flow meter is closed and good spray patterns and even fuel volume at the injectors when the air flow sensor is manually operated with the fuel pump running. I still have the original problem though ...... the engine starts and runs for a few seconds before cutting out. It won't start again until it's been left to rest for a while. Almost everything in new .... fuel pump, fuel filters, fuel accumulator, spark plugs, hall sensor, distributor cap, rotor arm, tank drained and new fuel added. While it's running there is no misfire or lumpiness so the timing and firing order must be ok. Today I checked the air duct to make sure there is no restriction but it's fine. I'm running out of ideas ...... any help would be much appreciated.
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