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Originally Posted by jameshbond007 View Post
Passenger side is sluggish / intermittent - I try not to open it in case it doesn't close again.

Driver's side doesn't move at all - voltmeter reading dips with button depression so assuming presence of a motor winding but jammed mechanism.
Just remove both mechanisms and take them apart. It's a very simple thing - few bolts are holding reductor together, either phillips head bolts, or torx bolts, and two are holding motor casing to the reductor. Inside of the reductor you'll likely found some old grease with consistency of a glue - inside motor, probably some rust. After greasing, putting it together, it will be a bit tricky to put cable and it's roller back, as the cable has to be preloaded [both springs are in compressed state] ; I usually put one side in place and use small wrench to force the other spring in place, the room allows this. If you, upon disassembly/removal find broken white plastic bits that are at the end of springs, or broken cable, then it needs to be repaired.

You have nothing to lose anyway; some stick will keep window in place just as well as broken mechanism...
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