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Stonk 29-01-20 11:21 AM

1984 Coupe GT won't go into gear
Hi folks

My 87 year old mother has had her 84 Coupe 2.0 GT from new. It's done about 87k miles but is rarely used these days. She lives in SW France and I intend to bring it back to enjoy once I have cleared the garage out!

She has to take it to a garage to confirm the low mileage for her insurance and went to start it today and with the engine running it won't go into gear. It's ok when the engine isn't running.

The last time something happened with the injection system a Renault dealer(!) took the car away and dumped it in their yard because they didn't know what to do with a kjetronic fuel system so if I can get some idea of what the problem is I can advise from here which garage locally she can contact.

Would this be a release baring issue or is there anything they could do to release whatever has got stuck?

I last drove it in October. It was fine and I don't think it's been moved since then.
Many thanks

BackintheFold 29-01-20 11:29 AM

Sounds like clutch isn't disengaging.
IDK if that's a cable change or hydraulic
If cable, might just need adjusting.
If hydraulic, master or slave could be buggered.
Standard "car" jobs in any event-any garage should be able to fix.

tractor Dave 29-01-20 11:34 AM

I second that. The clutch can seize if it's not been used in a while. With tractors we put it in 1st gear and turn the starter over (making sure there is space infront). Otherwise, tow it with another tractor in low gear and pump the clutch.

Stonk 29-01-20 12:28 PM

Thanks guys. It's a cable.
From previous bad experiences with french garages and this ageing car and ageing parents (they were even charged 350 euros for a battery some time ago) I will try and assist from here to ensure they are armed with knowledge before contacting a garage.

I will see if I can arrange someone to try Dave's 1st gear method. It would be great if that worked.

BackintheFold 29-01-20 02:04 PM

Or if someone can start it in gear, drive it and brake at the same time that may work if the clutch is seized, but its worth checking the operation of the cable first to make sure its still connected at both ends----and not rusted away after all this time..
350E for a battery? Those people make me sick.

Stonk 30-01-20 10:10 AM

Thank you!

I'll book a flight out there to try and free it.
I remember back in the late 80's I borrowed the Audi and towed a folding caravan to Chichester with my then girlfriend for a weekend break. Whilst towing, the clutch cable broke and I learnt to drive it without a clutch to the campsite by balancing the engine revs to the gearbox. The only pain was when I needed to come to a stop as I had to turn the engine off and start it in 1st gear.
The next day I drove it (sans caravan) to a local Audi garage to pick up a replacement cable and back at the campsite spent quite some time upside down in the footwell learning that instead of creating a new hole in the bulkhead, Audi had decided to use a system of pulleys, longer cable and use the same hole for the LHD model. Back breaking to fit and the clutch pedal has always been on stiff side.

Amazingly, the car still has it's original clutch.

On my next visit, if I can't free it I will drive it to a local garage for them to fit a new clutch. In other news, I have to clear out the garage as I will bring it back to the UK for good. I'm looking forward to fettling with it.

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