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simons2 08-02-18 01:01 PM

7A Stroker project 10V Big valve head near complete
OK something alittle special for someone wanting a challenge.

7a block, diesel 95.5 crank, TSR big valve head, 7a rifle drilled rods, pistons from SA machined to suit, new rings, shells, HG. This will give you roughly 200BHP in a NA set up. 2.5Lt displacemet but will look OEM monster torque.
I'll include a few other bits I have kicking around to get you on your way..

Please only get in touch if your serious :tup:

vorsprung durch technik 08-02-18 03:22 PM



Bargain!! Glws.


steve briance 13-02-18 06:08 PM

Big valve 7A head by TSR?


details?! :smilewinkgrin:

simons2 14-02-18 07:34 AM

No 10v TSR big valve head to keep the original look.

msh 14-02-18 10:36 AM

In that case calling it "7A stroker" is misleading and it should be called "NG stroker" or "KV stroker", depending on head and intake manifold used, as there are no 7A specific parts remaining ;)

simons2 14-02-18 10:54 AM

OK keep your pants on:tup:, it was a genuine advert. As the cost of a 7a head would be 400+ nowadays I would guess anyone genuinely interested would ask unless there a chancer:moon:

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