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Colin Aitchison 04-07-18 02:37 PM

Ur quattro Throttle cable connection rubber bush
Leaving the mothers the other day I had a problem with the throttle pedal, started the car and into first gear and off we went, into second gear and couldn't find the throttle pedal, after a quick look down at my feet I realized the throttle pedal was on the floor and the car was just idling, oops that looks like a broken throttle cable, after a small investigation all looked well in the engine bay, driver side looked Ok pedal was connected to the link bar, passengers side, the cable had come unattached from the link bar above the passengers feet, the link bar has a loop in the end of it and the throttle is linked to this with a rubber bush, sort of like a bobbin, in the Pdf file below 8 is the throttle cable 15 is the link bar for right hand drive and 7 is the rubber bush, the pedal 1 is for a left hand drive car, I though on viewing the problem that a snap clip had come adrift and that allowed the rubber bobbin to slip out of the hole in the link bar but the rubber bush has a shoulder on it that locks it in place but due to age the rubber has perished and the shoulder has gone, after ten minuets and two zip ties the throttle cable was reconnected to the link bar, now the search for a new rubber bush, lots on Ebay around the 2 mark but 4 to 6 weeks delivery from China, gave Audi a phone in Stirling and 12 inc. Vat. pick up at the weekend, this is the only problem this year with the car while out driving and it is down to age.

Hanuman 04-07-18 03:52 PM

VW part from the Volkswagen 'tradition' type site is your item.

You'll find it on 7zap for golfs of the era. Better material, cheaper. Likely next day delivery. If I were at home, I'd send you a couple, as I bought a small quantity against future need. But I'm out in Asia, so no joy.

I'll dig up the part number shortly (191721559 I think is the dude)

Items 6 & 7 are actually the same thing. Change both, have a couple spare fro if it happens again in 20 years....

From quattroforum, JimH (also on here sometimes)

And another
VW heritage

Sie! 04-07-18 09:35 PM

I replaced mine a couple of years ago, try VW main dealer - I seem to remember it was about 8 and they had it for me the next day.... if only the Audi dealer were as good (they told me it was NLA across VAG!).



SorenR 04-07-18 09:53 PM

Hmm... On mine, 5, 6, and 7 has been eliminated and 8 is connected to 1 with a rubber grommet from a bathroom fosset.
Pedal sits higher, more suitable for right foot breaking :ihih:

Colin Aitchison 05-07-18 04:27 AM

Thanks gents,
I have ordered both, one from Audi, pick up on Saturday, one from China, will arrive in 4 to 6 weeks, if the part from Audi last as long as the original part the Chinese part will never be used but I do like a backup plan.

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