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Colin Aitchison 24-12-17 11:20 PM

Audi 80/90/100/200 Block and Pistons Brand New
Brand new block and pistons, bore 81mm five cylinder, pistons marked " 2.2US " I do not know the engine number but the chamber in the piston crown is the same shape as the KV piston but the chamber is twice as deep ( lower compression ratio than KV), when I got the block is was all greased up but in polythene and that is why the white grease has the funny marks on it, I have had No.1 piston out for a look and all looks good, there is some slight rusting on the top of the bores but above where the top piston ring will stop, I could got the full hog and get it bored and fit KV pistons but at this time I thing it just needs moved on,
price, I dont have a clue, I have had a look on Audi Tradition :yikes::yikes::yikes: don't look there it is nuts ( have purchased a Ur quattro for less), sensible offers please.

quattrodave 24-12-17 11:41 PM

Colin, is it possibly an MB or other 10v turbo block as pistons would have lower compression than KV ?

Colin Aitchison 25-12-17 12:54 AM

You are correct about the MB being lower compression but it is not an MB block and not MB pistons and not a turbo block because no oil squiters.

Colin Aitchison 26-12-17 12:54 PM


Colin Aitchison 30-12-17 02:01 AM

Very sad to see little or no interest in this block and pistons, Looking for 400 for the block and piston.

Colin Aitchison 09-01-18 10:47 AM


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