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SwallownAmazon 29-07-17 10:35 AM

Windscreen replacement
Does anyone know whether new front windscreens with the green sunstrip and perhaps more importantly the chrome surround for the B3 body are still available from the likes of Autoglass?

msh 29-07-17 07:49 PM

Chrome trim is OEM part and AFAIK can be obtained only second hand.

moonwatcher 29-07-17 08:06 PM

Two years ago I got 2 screens with green sunstrip from Lancashire windscreens cost me about 120 each, give them a try

SwallownAmazon 17-08-17 10:36 AM

Update - I asked the question because the screen now leaks badly along the whole of the top edge after the car has been sitting at the side of the house for 7 years on SORN. When looking for something else in the paperwork file I found the invoice for the replacement done by Autoglass back in 2005 which gives a lifetime warranty provided the car stays with the owner for whom the work was done.
A quick phone call to Autoglass elicited the fact that yes, they will honour the warranty but the glass is now on "back order" from the factory and they will let me know when it comes in. They won't just take the glass out to re-seal it, they will only put a new screen in so, looks like a win-win but I need to seal it before we trot off to Spain next month. Sikaflex EBT looks like the stuff to use (self-curing high viscosity PU sealant) which is available from Screwfix for 7.39. Prep work done yesterday and now waiting for the rain to stop. :wall:

SwallownAmazon 17-08-17 10:37 AM


Originally Posted by moonwatcher (Post 431033)
Two years ago I got 2 screens with green sunstrip from Lancashire windscreens cost me about 120 each, give them a try

No go, I'm afraid but thanks anyway.

SwallownAmazon 03-09-17 11:43 AM


Originally Posted by SwallownAmazon (Post 432245)
A quick phone call to Autoglass elicited the fact that yes, they will honour the warranty but the glass is now on "back order" from the factory and they will let me know when it comes in.

Another update: Autoglass came today with a new screen and "pattern part" rubber surround but when the fitter saw the rubber surround and chrome trim that was fitted to the car, he told me the one he had brought will leave a very unsightly gap between it and the screen pillar. He also thought that the small area of paint bubbling at the top of the screen against the roof panel concealed further corrosion (very likely) and therefore declined to do the job this morning because the adhesive they use now will not adhere permanently to rusty metal (also very likely). He filled out a job report for his boss to approve a small repair to the aperture (for which I have to obtain a quote and they will pay for) before the new screen is fitted and his advice as a temporary measure was to surround the existing trim with tape to prevent water ingress.
I have already had a copy of the report by email and the local manager will get in touch with me after the weekend to make all the arrangements.
First class service from AUTOGLASS. :tup:

SwallownAmazon 28-11-17 05:55 PM

Windscreen taped up for our European travels and the trip to Edinburgh and was completely watertight for 4 months and 5,000 odd miles.
Tape now removed and car now at the bodyshop for the repairs to be done prior to the fitting of a new windscreen - photos to follow later this evening.
This is the upper driver's side corner before windscreen removal - corrosion visible bubbling under the paint. There is also more corrosion on the top edge and down the N/S A pillar.
Strong-arm tactics to remove the trim around the screen.
Reason why it will have a new screen when the corrosion has been dealt with.
Clever contraption that is used to cut through the PU adhesive. The cord is pushed through the adhesive at the bottom from the inside, and a loop is pulled through from outside. The loop is passed around the screen and back to the pulley which is cranked tight from inside. The cord then cuts through the adhesive releasing the glass. It cracked when the string pulled the adhesive off the corroded aperture putting stress on the glass.
View of the upper aperture showing the extent of the corrosion; almost 70% of the top edge, 100% of both A pillars. The fitter who did the screen in 2005 made a real mess of it even to the extent of using the wrong seal assembly, according to the bloke who took it out yesterday.
Detail of the top edge corrosion. The brown stuff is soft and powdery.

Fortunately, there are no holes anywhere.
Top edge after wire-brushing/grinding away the rust and treatment with ortho-phosphoric acid.
Driver's side A-pillar after acid treatment.

The excess acid will be removed with water using clean cotton cloth, wiping over the area several times and then primed with a three-pack epoxy primer. I know, I had not come across a three pack system before but it is the dog's dangly bits apparently as it sticks to the substrate like Araldite giving a very hard surface for the adhesive to bond onto. Good old Tornado Rot two-pack PU paint then goes over the area around the area where the adhesive is applied.

That's all for now, more tomorrow I hope.

Duffy3074 16-01-18 08:24 AM

An update on this for anybody interested.

My screen is coming out today as prep for painting and I confirmed via a physical check that the main UK glass supplier has 18 B3 windscreens left. Plain surround readily available, they do have some chrome surrounds left but they are now very expensive.

msh 16-01-18 10:40 AM

This cutting method doesn't require removal of trim, on the contrary - it allows to preserve clip on chromed metal trim. Your trim, destroyed by that guy looks strange - my A90q has metal trims with hooks, reusable unless someone intently destroys it. Rubber trim is universal item, comes in some length and requires cutting to necessary length.

Duffy3074 16-01-18 11:47 AM

Good info.

Got a link for the rubber seal at all?

I’ve got an aftermarket chrome trim there but the rubber part has dried out. If I can use the original chrome with new rubber that’d be great

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