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jogi730 27-07-20 06:10 PM

Clutch slave cylinder
The clutch pedal on my B2 90 is sticking. I can only assume this is the slave cylinder on the way out?
The pedal has always been fairly heavy due to running a Southbend clutch. So the question is, if I am changing the slave cylinder and go through all that pain, is there an upgrade I can do to either this part, or the brake master cylinder to make the clutch easier to live with?
Any B.T.D.T. experiences?

Many thanks

tractor Dave 27-07-20 06:19 PM

Sticking pedal can be either slave or master. There is no upgrade to make the clutch lighter I'm aware of. Your stiff clutch is down to the strength of the springs in the clutch itself. If your fluid is old and not been changed for a while, you could try that first. Also, lubricate the pivot on the clutch pedal with the special white grease. Slave and master are both PITA jobs I'm affraid. If you do replace, buy OE (Boge or Sachs). :tup:

mikes2 28-07-20 10:22 AM

brake and clutch systems are not related on your car as there is a separate reservoir for the clutch

If you're original has lasted this long, fit another one the same.

You should replace the fluid every 2 years when the brake fluid gets done but if you're running a heavier clutch, it's something that you'll have to live with as it will always be on the heavy side.

jogi730 28-07-20 05:54 PM

Thanks for your answers guys:tup:

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