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Colin Aitchison 09-07-18 03:19 PM

1984 WR Ur quattro Full Throttle Enrichment
Hi Gents, after fixing my throttle cable connection problem I tested the full throttle enrichment solenoid valve on the fire wall and found it not to be working, part number 437 906 283 A, I have replaced it with a working one, can any one confirm or comment on the diagram below, is this how the enrichment valve should work and is this how it should be piped, I have had a look on the internet for this valve and they seem to be thin on the ground, has anyone used another type of valve and had any success? There was a second hand solenoid valve on Ebay and that is on order as a backup for the future.

Colin Aitchison 10-07-18 09:13 AM


Anth445 10-07-18 07:07 PM

Colin Aitchison 14-07-18 07:00 PM

Nth445, thanks for the link, second hand part now arrived from Germany, 20 well spent I would say as it was the only one I could find, it looks very new and in full working order.

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