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Rosco 08-12-17 09:32 PM

Front/Rear Wishbones and Ball Joints
Hi, I am looking to replace and renew most of the running gear on my 1985 b2 Coupe quattro over the coming months.

From looking at part numbers it seems the Front and Rear Wishbones are the same? Can anyone confirm this?

If so I'll be ordering some Febi wishbones for around 28 each (alot cheaper and less time consuming than trying to clean the old ones up) 2 x FEBI 09527 & 2 x FEBI 09528

Now febi only list 2 different Ball Joints in their parts catalogue, so are the ball joints for front and rear the same? Should I order 2 x FEBI 01521 & 2 x FEBI 01522?


mikes2 08-12-17 10:07 PM

Wishbones for front and rear are the same for a 1985 car.

Ball joints are completely different though. Don't think Febi do the rear

quattrodave 08-12-17 11:09 PM

These are correct for the rear, other makes available just check on ebay

The balljoint mounts on the bottom of the strutt assembly and bolts into the adjustable bit on the wishbone, the wishbone bit looks like a front balljoint without a ball joint socket on the end just a tapered hole.

Colin Aitchison 09-12-17 09:26 AM

As far as I am aware the front wishbones fit the rear physical dimensions but the correct rear wishbones do not have an anti roll bar mount union fitted to them, they can be fitted upside down, look at the pressings in the wishbone for correct way up, been down the garage and found front and rear wishbones, photo below of near side wishbones front and rear, front wishbone has red circle with anti roll bar bush, green circle has bottom ball joint in it bending forward, notice rear wishbone, no welded in union for anti roll bar bush.

Photo below of under side of both wishbones, notice the pressing in the blue circle, I think this to let water drain out. sorry don't have a bottom ball joint link arm for rear wishbone but had a look below Ur quattro and it bends to the rear, more advice as if you need it, take photos of every thing as you dissemble it, yes it is a pain to do but if you take photos reassembling you will have before and after photos to post on the forum.

Rosco 09-12-17 11:02 AM

Thank you Dave and Colin for taking the time to reply, I nearly ordered the wrong ball joints. This forum is great!

Rosco 10-12-17 05:50 PM

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Does anyone know if these rear ball joint carriers are available as new replacements?

Or Should I clean up my current ones?

Colin Aitchison 10-12-17 08:21 PM

I would have that carrier in my sand blasting cabinet, or you could get a bench grinder and replace one of the wheel with a wire wheel, after cleaning up etch primer and two coats of black paint, as for buying a new one :lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol: :lol::lol::lol:
have you had a look at the part number 857505403B left 857505404B right, the part numbers start with 857 this is normally a Ur quattro part number, this means it was designed for the Ur quattro and may fit on other Audi's, in this case Audi 80, 90, coupe and Ur, did a search on yahoo, some in the states $159 + tax + delivery + import duty each, Audi tradition have no stock, you could call quattro corner but be sitting down when peter gives you a price,
whats you thoughts?

Colin Aitchison 10-12-17 08:26 PM

Sorry, meant to add, if you are removing the rear bottom ball joints, watch and not snap the two M8 bolts (13mm socket) they normally need a little heat to remove them and as a norm I refit every nut and bolt with copper grease in case I ever need to remove it again,

Rosco 10-12-17 09:06 PM

Thanks Colin, as you can see from the pic, it's all pretty rusted and in need of attention under the car. I'm planning to have all the struts, subframes and anti roll bar blasted and then powder coated so this is something else that will be added to the list.

Anything that can be replaced easily (and fairly cheaply) will be getting replaced with new parts. I'm collecting all the parts together first then once I can get it on the ramp it will all come apart and then be re-assembled.

Hoping to do hubs, discs and brakes at the same time, just on the hunt for some 5 stud UR hubs.

Thanks for the tip on the copper grease, just ordered some on ebay.

Colin Aitchison 10-12-17 09:28 PM

Whats the reason for the 5 stud Ur hubs

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