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Davids 06-12-17 03:36 PM

F disc splash shield

As per the title.
I am going to need a good pair for the front of my 1991 Coupe.
The old ones are shot and I cant find new anywhere.

Has anyone used another make or number that might fit or know of any that are available.
A quick search on here hasn't highlighted any that others are using.

Any info would be grateful.



vorsprung durch technik 06-12-17 04:18 PM

Have you tried Audi or Tradition David?

Davids 06-12-17 05:21 PM

Never even thought about Audi because of age.
Will give them a call tomorrow

sinbin5t 06-12-17 05:24 PM

Sure you can still get them David :tup:

Davids 06-12-17 05:26 PM

Thanks, will let you know tomorrow, I'm getting fed up of the screeching noise as another bit gets caught and rubs on the disc and I have to get home and pull it out.

Cheers lads

sinbin5t 06-12-17 05:29 PM

You can check the part numbers on 7zap, they vary on the different coupe's.


vorsprung durch technik 06-12-17 05:37 PM


Left shield......8A0 615 311 B
right shield....8A0 615 312 B

Maybe Mike or John could check as they might know different.

sinbin5t 06-12-17 05:41 PM

Nice one Mark, i thought they all varied but perhaps it's just the rears.


vorsprung durch technik 06-12-17 05:43 PM


Originally Posted by sinbin5t (Post 437804)
Nice one Mark, i thought they all varied but perhaps it's just the rears.


They still might but that slide was for a 1991 coupe quattro.:tup:

Davids 06-12-17 05:43 PM

Saw that and have been doing a bit of searching under those part numbers and nothing comes up Google or anywhere.

Will try mainstealer tomorrow ta.

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