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matttblack 15-03-18 12:54 PM

S6 vs tree
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Hoping someone could confirm for me, is the bonnet on a 1995 S6 the same as any other model from that year ?
I think itís just the wings and bumpers that differ.
If so, can anyone recommend where a new bonnet could be purchased ?
(Cutting a long story short, having left my car at a local garage for various work, a neighbouring tree decided it didnít like my car:cryin: The garage acknowledges it wasnít like that when I dropped it off, but 6 weeks have currently been lost with euro car parts saying a new bonnet will arrive in 7 days:fire: )

vorsprung durch technik 15-03-18 01:23 PM

That's a complete pain whats happened there!

The bonnets are the same it's only the front wings and bumper that differ. :tup:

Hanuman 15-03-18 05:16 PM

Spink may well be a worth contacting- not new, but if my 100 bonnet is anything to go by, they're pretty robust used.

matttblack 16-03-18 11:02 PM

Many thanks for the reassuring feedback, though I’ll be trying my hardest to make sure the garage stumps up for a new bonnet. The real irony is that I had the wings, bonnet and bumper resprayed following a slight whoopsie I gave the bumper in a previous batch of snow (the tree collapsed onto it after being overloaded with snow from the ‘beast from the east’ !)

spink 17-03-18 09:52 AM

I've certainly got used bonnets but as it's not your fault I would be demanding a OEM new one myself, I'm sure they are still available? , pattern body panels will probably not be rustproofed like the genuine ones. Original C4 a/s6 bonnets do have a habit of rotting quite badly along the seam around where it meets the wing even though I presume they are galvanised

Isimmo 17-03-18 10:04 AM

They're 490,28 EUR (4A0823029D) from Audi Tradition if that helps.

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