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pwjackson 02-03-18 03:02 PM

1989 Audi 100 Avant spares or repair
For sale is my 1989 Audi 100 Avant. Needs to be gone ASAP.

I've owned this car for 7 years (bought it with 54k miles on it) and i now has just over 105k miles on it and has been regularly serviced by me.

I had a collision in it just before Christmas (one of 3 equally bad things that happened that week!), and it's beyond my capability to repair it, I don't want to part it out myself either as I don't have the space, but someone could make some money by parting it out themselves, or use it as a donor car. Apart from the bodywork damage, the radiator is bust and the power steering isn't working (I had to drive it about 50m to park it up for the night before we came to tow it away in the morning). The engine still ignited last time I tried a few weeks ago, and surprisingly it still drives straight (we towed it 3 miles). It isn't watertight, so the interior has gone a bit moldy, nothing a bit of upholstery cleaner won't sort out.

As you can see, some of the font end isn't original, as I had another collision in 2014 and managed to find a breakers who had another Audi 100. So included with the car is a slightly damaged black bonnet and a spare headlight. It also has about 30 of petrol in the tank.

I'm just after the scrap value and just want to save it from just being scrap metal. The engine/drive components are sound and much of the interior are in reasonable condition.

Photos on:

I know it's not in good shape, but I wanted it give you guys a chance before I call the breakers. Pick up only, so you'll need a trailer or truck.

The number plate is F42 RLW so you can check the status of the car, I have the V5 and it's not been through the insurance.

Duffy3074 02-03-18 07:34 PM

Sorry to hear about your bad week!

However, good of you to flag the car up here rather than just bunging it to the breakers.

Hopefully it'll be well used by somebody here


pwjackson 04-03-18 01:37 PM

Yeah, I'd gone to pick my bike up that I'd left locked up outside the pub, all that was left was the lock and the remains of the rear wheel that the scumbags had cut through! It wasn't even a good bike, but it was my main form of transport (i try to only use the car if necessary). This happened 10 mins later, probably a concentration lapse as a result of the lack of bike. Never mind, these things happen, no one was hurt.

But yeah, I'd rather have someone here make use of it now that I've mourned its loss.

pwjackson 06-03-18 08:52 AM

Would anyone be interested if I parted it out myself?

ovalking 06-03-18 10:16 AM

I'd be interested in any parts that can be posted.
As usual the car is too far away, and I've no way to transport it.

pwjackson 07-03-18 01:44 PM

Ovalking, what parts would you be interested in?

pwjackson 08-03-18 08:12 AM

I’ve got to call the breakers today, so last chance to get anything.

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