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StoutyBoy 05-02-17 11:12 AM

Trimmer - Kent/East Sussex area?

Can anyone recommend a vehicle trimmer (Kent, East Sussex area) to reattach and tension the headlining in an RS2? I did this once in a MK1 Escort but not sure I trust myself with this one.

Currently driving around like the grim reaper as the black headlining drapes nicely around the shoulders!


Isimmo 05-02-17 12:24 PM

These guys in Lewes were recommended to me by the old, now retired, and proper 'old school' parts guy at Worthing Audi.

I confess, I have not actually got round to using them yet though...

StoutyBoy 05-02-17 04:34 PM

Thanks. Will check them out and I'll let you know if I use them.

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