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4v6 19-05-17 06:22 PM

Ur quattro prices, whats my heapo shyte worth?
Basically as per the thread title, whats something like mine actually worth these days?

Ok its not an original car, but the majority of parts are brand new and its an historical fact that its not turned a wheel under its own steam since 09.........1809...... so nothings worn out on it anymore, just its owner. :razz:

As a resto mod i have no idea what its value is, i can say what the costs of its new parts value is tho, if i just that amount back for it then itll go someway to offsetting my current negative attitude towards it.
Whatever, its going to be sold, maybe as an unfinished project if needs be, im all out of patience with it amd fed up of chucking money down the bottomless pit that this car seems to have turned into.

Comments as always, appreciated.
Right im off to sit in a dark corner and sulk somemore. :D

mikes2 19-05-17 07:02 PM

probably not as much as you'd hope. It will definitely help if you can get it through an MOT.

I sold mine in December at auction. Had it up at 16k for 4 months and never had a single viewing

missfire 20-05-17 09:25 AM

Rebuilt lago quad lamp 20v smack bang in the middle of britain, finish it and stick it up for 30k, if you must. On swiss ebay, swedish and german. :ihih: go for a european average price before they shut the gates.:smilewinkgrin:

missfire 20-05-17 09:26 AM

Dunno, but you should still keep it. Advertise for a 50% shareholder.

cjp0349 20-05-17 10:38 AM

As a rough guide Tony, Practical Classics mag pricing guide shows a condition 3 i.e prime candidate for restoration but might be driveable and MOT'd, WR as 3k, Quattro turbo slightly less and 20v's at 5k.
However compare those values to this CQ on here a short while back which looks like the seller had people beating his door down :hmmm:

4v6 20-05-17 01:02 PM

Thanks fellas, will try to fnish it off and go from there. :tup:

sinbin5t 20-05-17 01:43 PM

I will do you a swap Tony :ihih:


Just pulling your leg, hope all goes well :tup:

Duffy3074 20-05-17 05:55 PM

I sincerely and genuinely think you should finish it and reap the reward for the top notch work you've carried out.
However if selling it is a welcome escape for you, I'm looking for a project.
PM me if you're mad enough to sell it.

inne3quattro 21-05-17 10:31 AM

Walk away for a bit, long term builds can chew you up. You will win in the end,(because your a winner) and on that late summer evening,on the country lane you know so well, wring it's f*ckin neck for all the grief it's given you,when you put it away and it's making that ticking noise as it cools down, you WILL smirk. Chin up dude, exceptional build, exeptional builder.

Micky 21-05-17 05:10 PM

You promised the littleen a drive don't disappoint him or shatter your dreams after all this time .it will all change once it's done get some use out of it before deciding whether to sell it .:tup:

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