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radford1964 16-05-18 09:35 AM

Staggered bolero wheels.?
Hi there guys is there such a thing as staggered bolero wheels. And did they do them for the c4 model. Regards Paul.

quattrodave 19-05-18 10:22 AM

There are a couple of different offsets in the 17inch 5 stud ones, the standard A4 1.8T quattro sport ones are 17 inch 7J et45, the A6 ones were 17 inch 8J et35. Both 5 spoke, I don't know if there were different widths on the 4 spoke cab versions.

So the A6 wheel gives you 65mm outer poke compared to 43 mm outer poke on the A4 bolero effectively making it a staggered wheel if A4 used on front and A6 used on back.

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