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Flying Frank 22-07-21 12:30 PM

Coupe electric window motors overhaul

Ok chaps , I'm wondering if anyone has in the past stripped down and "re-built" the electric motors and associated wiring , pulleys, springs , etc on the Coupe GT motor.

Having obtained one recently , but in non-op state, I opened it up and found the whole thing very stuck up although the motor is in excellent shape.

Having taken the whole thing apart ( my big mistake) and having succeeded once before, but after a considerable struggle, maybe the temperatures today in my garage are not helping but....

How do you tension the wire that attaches to the slide mechanism , once its all been wound around the motor drum. I just can't pull the fixing tight enough to tension the wire guide on the side of the motor . I seem to need about at least another pair of hands to align the components before trying to tension the whole thing.

Wondering if any of your ex Audi/VW chaps have done this in the past as as I've heard that ,back in the old days, there was a a kit supplied by Audi to replace the wires when they broke. It must be possible, but was there a special fitting tool ? ......I can well see why any workshop would far rather charge the customer for a whole new unit ( back when they were available ) rather than try to repair the broken unit.

Sorry if my description is not very clear , perhaps a few pictures might help ?

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