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B4Dan 07-07-17 11:49 AM

B4Audi 80 wanted
Preferably an avant or saloon petrol 2.0 or above, what's around?

Mellis46 07-07-17 11:57 AM

Was the A4 a lost cause mate...?:o

B4Dan 07-07-17 12:01 PM

It was a bit far gone, unfortunately didn't realise after alot of work had already been done, it ended up being unreliable to the point where I didn't trust it as a daily anymore

Mellis46 07-07-17 12:04 PM

Sorry to hear that, it was always going to be a bit of a project hence the price, hope you got back what you spent on it?:)

B4Dan 07-07-17 12:07 PM

Yeah lost a few quid but not the end of the world, think it was further gone than either of us realised

Mellis46 07-07-17 12:10 PM

What was the final straw with it then? Know it had a few issues but thought it might come back from the brink...

B4Dan 07-07-17 12:13 PM

It ended up having a complete rear subframe and shock mounts, upper front control arms, shocks and spring all round, turbo, exhaust, had a host of coolant leaks and oil leaks but think there were deeper engine problems causing this, other small things then failed its MOT so was sold as a failure, sure someone will keep going with it but as I say kinda just lost faith in it

Mellis46 07-07-17 12:23 PM

Hopefully there is an 80 out there with your name on it then. Really genuinely Sorry it didnt work out with the A4.

B4Dan 07-07-17 12:26 PM

Not a problem mate these things happen, as I say we both knew it needed work but probably didn't realise the extent of the work it needed

Mellis46 07-07-17 12:31 PM


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