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Modus 27-04-17 09:00 AM

200 Turbo -engine down on power
Road test verdict from mechanic: "best 0-60 was 11 seconds. There is a intermittent hesitation/misfire under load at high revs. Cruises happily at 80 . Basically fine in normal driving but lacking if u try and drive it quick"

When new the car should do 0-60 in 8-9 seconds (but this would involve a clutch smoking start at 6000rpm!)

We don't think it's producing full power (but its a fresh engine & turbo), and it appears to be producing the normal amount of boost on full throttle (can't remember exactly what the BAR reading was).

We have checked the rubber hoses (vacuum etc.) and replaced several that had perished and were possibly causing air leaks, and it's been serviced +MOTd very recently. Anyone got any ideas what might be causing this modest power loss?

Audi 200 Quattro Turbo 44 C3 2144cc 5cyl

4v6 27-04-17 10:10 AM

Id get it rolling road tested for power first as youre more likely to get an idea of what the actual power is rather than the old "butt dyno" figures. :)
Youll also get a way better idea of whats happening under accelration and full load conditions in respect of fuelling and ignition. :tup:

Hanuman 27-04-17 11:56 AM

KG or MC engine?
KG Being similar to the WR, the inlet temperature sensor or connections to it may be worth checking.

steveb 27-04-17 12:34 PM

Pipe on the exhaust manifold to wastegate could be blocked or the it union to it on the manifold

Tun 27-04-17 12:59 PM

On my MB engine the pipe from air box to the turbo was collapsing internally restricting air flow resulting in lack of power. Easy thing to check and fix.

crisarc 27-04-17 08:16 PM

i did have a similar symptom on my 200 , boost pressure was good , all the sensors were ok , eventually found the re was a metal sleeve in the turbo to inlet pipe had slipped down to partially impede the air flow through the cold side , , to be fair the missfire under load may point to electrical , plugs or leads?
let us know how you get on.

terrywindy1 27-04-17 10:17 PM

Big improvement in performance on V8 after replacing rusty front to rear fuel pipes or may have been just putting in the new fuel filter

missfire 28-04-17 09:06 AM


Originally Posted by Hanuman (Post 426527)
KG or MC engine?
KG Being similar to the WR, the inlet temperature sensor or connections to it may be worth checking.

KG or 1B.:ihih: ditto on air temp connection solders, rotor arm, blink the fault codes out! read this website -

Modus 30-06-17 06:37 AM

Good call, thanks.

I spoke to a 4x4 Rolling Road and he said that he could confirm where the issues were e.g. fuelling, ignition etc. but not how to fix them (as there's not much that can be adjusted on a car this old, not much in the way of engine diagnostics etc.). As such, it might need to then go on to a classic Audi specialist (who knows the common causes of problems with this model of engine) for the work to be done.

Modus 30-03-18 03:55 PM

Replacing all injectors with new made a big difference to car's performance and ease of starting.

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