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Davids 22-02-17 08:51 PM

[quote=mikes2;422409]I used a piece of laminated paper to slide between the carpet and the bottom of the heater ducts. Carpet just pulled backwards

Worked quite well and it also helped when putting it back in.

Massive big thanks for this tip, worked a treat, once I had broken the left footrest pad thur the carpet trying to remove it, bu&&er, something else to find and buy.

So found the leaks, the 2 finishers on each of the doors at the rear are missing, where the door card ends these must close a hole between the door top, window and card, if you get what I mean. I can se the water running down the seal and then creeping inside to run into the car.

The other one was a pig of a job. The panel that the fuse box sits on, and the bonnet cable passes thru a rubber grommet, well it looked like squinting thru a mass of wire that there was a leak from the earthing bolt on the foot well panel up by the up by this fuse box panel. Difficult to explain. On a close squint up side down with the seat mounting digging in my back, it looked like water seeping thru the actual metal right next to this earth bolt, anyways, after another hour of water in my hair and crap in my eyes it turns out the panel that the fuse box sits on, where the return flange returns and is spot welded to the side of the foot well panel, is leaking thru this seam. The sealant inside the engine bay by the drain hole looked fine, but that is the only place I can think it is getting thru. Took ages to find, who on earth would have thought water could get thru this flange, weld, sealant, bar steward :wall::wall::wall::wall:.

So dried the old sealer and area next to the fuse box and bonnet pull grommet and applied copious quantities of sickaflex PU sealant.

Will give it to Saturday to really go off and get the watering can out again.

Thanks again for all the help and tips lads, and a gesture of thanks more 70's and 80's killer soul club and dance tracks will be posted for the dance floor heroes out there


sinbin5t 22-02-17 08:55 PM

Sickaflex, yep great sealant that !
Well done David, hope you are sorted at the weekend


Davids 24-02-17 07:35 AM

Well that ended in tears, the leak on the drivers side I thought the application of PU sealant did the trick, no such luck, big puddle of water on the drivers side floor and the foot well panel up by the underside of the fuse box wet thru.:wall::wall::wall::wall:

No have no idea how water is getting into the seam or flange. I was going to take the wing off and have a look but the foot well side is also the A post box section where the hinge bolts into so not sure if that will help. I am wondering if it could be a windscreen leak and it is getting down into the seam ? no idea.

Any vague answers, ridiculous ideas and guesses, pointless speculation and time wasting ramblings and procrastination more than welcome.


mikes2 24-02-17 08:24 AM

Is the bonnet cable grommet ok ?

Davids 24-02-17 08:42 AM


Originally Posted by mikes2 (Post 422773)
Is the bonnet cable grommet ok ?

Yep that's good, in fact we tipped water down the drain hole in that area and no leaks, then we tipped water all around the fuse box and bonnet cable grommet while I was upside down in the car, no water at all. It just seems to get in when water runs from the roof down into that area around the screen pillar, A post hinge area.

I have found a sectional diagram of the area and will post it in a minute to help try and explain before it drives me to setting fire to it, but then it wont burn because its wet because it leaks.


Davids 24-02-17 09:45 AM

I have attached a breakdown showing the area that is leaking, I hope its clear enough and explains the area. The fuse scuttle panel is welded to the inner foot well panel, hopefully indicated on the drawing clearly.

The scuttle panel is the norm spot weld flange, cant be seen here, to the side foot well panel, well it is dripping from under this spot welded flange directly to the foot well., the only way I could show it is by the blue arrows indicating the drips.

If anyone has had experience of this area leaking and stopped it I would be as chuffed to bits to hear about it.

Thanks gents

fourringsrus 24-02-17 05:45 PM

On one of my previous 95 coupes, I found the wet was caused by ingress via the heater ducts.
The water was entering from the lower left side of the windscreen because the plastic cover which sits along the bottom and along the wiper assembly area, was distorted ( badly fitted in the past ) and causing lift at the rubber seal of the screen at the bottom.
This then allowed the water to travel into the heater fan motor box via the cabin filter, which was soaked, and then once through the heater motor chamber, the water was travelling along through the vent ducting and filling the rear footwells where they exited.
Though this was easily rectified by applying heat to the plastic trim panels until a decent fit was achieved, and then a bit of cleaning and drying etc, it was a bit of luck rather than judgement that I discovered the issue.
I am not sure if this could allow water to travel into the front of the car via ducting but it may be worth a look.
Good luck


steve briance 24-02-17 07:11 PM

My coupe has been bone dry this winter after the following two fixes - sunroof you don't have and the most unlikely leak which was in the exact area you have bother....

The seam sealer applied in the factory had cracked and water was getting in through the seams NEXT TO AND AROUND the fuse box. Application of new sealant on top and all is well!

sinbin5t 24-02-17 07:29 PM

There is another thing that gets done to these cars sometimes, the doors are heavy and can drop, hinges wear etc, and a bodge it fix used to be a trolley jack and a piece of wood under the door, then it was jacked up repeatedly untill in line again, that must cause damage and possibly leaks.

Davids 24-02-17 10:04 PM

Thanks for more tips,

The heater is fine, I have just had the dash and heater out, the foam had gone on my flaps so nothing was getting hot inside. New foam on the heater flaps and the cockpit is toastie. There was no sign of water ingress, not only that but the leak is above the side vent line, I can actually see it running from behind the spot welded flange.

Remasticed that area Wednesday with pu sealant, Sikaflex, nothing is better than this stuff, afraid water still dripping from the flange inside. I will lift the fuse box I think tomorrow and have a look, I have some body caulking so will try that, not sure how difficult it is to lift the fuse box, suppose will find out tomorrow.

Hadn't thought about the door hinge, there is wear on the bottom one, but when you lift the door on to the latch the door lines up perfectly when closed and still leaks.

Ah well, looks like I am on my back again tomorrow.



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