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overthehill 18-05-17 08:14 PM

Audi s2 headlights
Hi are the headlight manual adjusters replaceable or repairable on my S2 Quattro like they are on my UR Quattro . Or are the adjusters on ellipoid and normal interchange able

msh 18-05-17 08:42 PM

Headlight leveler motors, according to catalogue, are the same stuff as could be found in all B3's and all mk2 coupes. Repairable? Well, they can surely be taken apart, only the question is what will be inside - if it's just stuck, why not regrease it, but if there's extensive water damage...

overthehill 19-05-17 05:54 AM

ok thanks for reply electric adjuster works i meant the 2 beam adjusters ,put allen key in turn but no movement of lights.

quattrodave 20-05-17 10:08 PM

Nylon gears have either striped or are slipping on the metal end part of the actual adjuster that connects to the reflector. If not stiped you can dismantle and using epoxy glue the existing gear back on the metal part, if striped you will need new or alternative gears such as these available in this kit for a jaguar x type (the gears are the same as the ones on audis) you only use the gears from the kit, the adjusters in the kit do not fit our cars but I do not know of any alternative gears available seperately.

Further thought you could try a 10mm socket or spanner direct on the end of the gear on the metal part rather than using an allen key in the top gear. The 2 gears connect at 45 degrees like this - /\

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