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oldur 11-01-17 11:52 AM

URq tyres - Toyo T1-R 225 50 15 91V
I'm looking to replace the Bridgestones that I put on about 15 years ago. Pete Berry put me onto these as a viable alternative to the original patter 215-50-15's. I've had them on order from Demon Tweekes since 8 November - a chase this morning promised that they would call back with an update from the supplier............

I called Longstone yesterday - deep intake of breath.........

Any fellow URq owners sourced any tyres recently - if so, what, and where from?

Dare I say it, but cost isn't a major factor!

Isimmo 11-01-17 12:06 PM

We've got 205/55/15's on ours. 225/50's caught on full compression at the rear when fully loaded. Also, less likely to aquaplane, a lot easier to source and gives a sharper steering feel.

oldur 11-01-17 12:25 PM

I wondered whether they might be a bit skinny on 8" rims?

Isimmo 11-01-17 12:40 PM

They're not the beefier look some prefer but they don't look 'wrong' (in my humble opinion)...

I'd love to have 215's back, but the chances of that, especially with a modern compound, are zero.

Isimmo 11-01-17 12:54 PM

There have been several threads on the subject over the years too...

vagdream 11-01-17 03:38 PM

Are the Dunlop DZ03G's worth trying if you wanted to stay with original sizing?

Steve 11-01-17 05:19 PM

I've seen a car recently with the Toyo Proxes T1-R (225/50 R15 91V) and they look good.

The tread pattern even looks like the Dunlop SP9000.

Bugmaster 11-01-17 06:09 PM

Hi All

Toyo R888 do the correct size 215/50/15 88w all be it a track tyre but are road legal and are fine for driving on roads but not on a regular basis.They do stipulate that they are not suitable for winter/cold conditions but how many of us use our cars in the harsh winter or even in the winter? They are fine in wet weather also.

They are 130 per corner.


AdrianH 11-01-17 06:43 PM

I've got the 225 T1Rs on my MB and haven't had any problems at all with them fouling the arches etc, even four-up. They look good too.

jimh 11-01-17 07:21 PM

Here's mine wearing those exact Toyo's, but they have been on a few years now...

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