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Mellis46 28-08-17 12:05 PM

Clearout - Parts for sale!
Got some parts here that I cannot see myself ever using, collected on my travels to various scrap yards a good while ago now..:sleep:

***SOLD*** Typ 81/85 exterior door handle, genuine Audi (NOS) complete with 2 keys

813 837 206 C

***SOLD***Genuine Audi luggage net 100/A6 Avant. May suit other models, 80 maybe (didn't fit too well in my A4 Avant)

4A9 861 869

***SOLD*** 80 S2 RS2 Avant/Estate Passenger Side Rear Lamp Lens. Minor damage to corner which cannot be seen with tailgate shut. Few scratches may improve with polishing. Good otherwise. (Genuine Audi / Seima Italiana)

8A9 945 095

80 S2 RS2 Avant/Estate Anthracite Load cubby & first aid kit panels/covers. Good working order. Will sell individually or together.

***Sold*** Relay 99, (from Golf GTI) Can be used to make wiper interval programmable by driver overiding the standard 3 second interval. Replaces any standard wiper relay. Done successfully on my B3 90 and B5 A4.

357 955 531

1997 Audi Sport 3 Spoke Airbag Steering Wheel. Suits cars with spline screw not securing nut. No airbag or badge. paint / laquer worn through across majority of top of wheel. Stitching good and functional squib, could be refurbished (?)

4A0 124 C
4A0 419 091 BB
4D0 951 543 D

VDO Gauges Early 80s removed from Porsche 924. Clock, Oil pressure (10 bar) and voltmeter. Orange needles. Bulbs, some loom and securing hooks. Decent condition. No senders.

477 919 211
477 919 531 D
477 919 551 E

***SOLD***VDO Gauge set, from 80 B4. Dated 1997. Complete set of voltmeter, oil pressure, oil temp. Complete with relay, wiring & housing. Scratches to plastic surround. Gauges in decent condition with barely any paint peeling. No senders

893 919 531
893 919 551
893 919 541
893 863 159 (mount)
893 919 080 (relay)
8A0 971 685 C (loom)

Audi 80 14 inch wheel trims. Got 12 of them condition ranging from decent to awful, first come first serve!$_86.JPG

Audi A4 B5.5 (dated 1999) RNS-D Navigation Radio / CD with Diversity TV tuner. Includes (a lot) of the loom you will need to do a complete retrofit. Includes Diversity tuner, aerials, 6 - CD changer, double DIN head unit with good LCD screen. Although the TV tuner is analogue for which the signal has now been turned off, there are composite and S-video inputs on the module allowing reversing camera, DAB tuner or whatever to be connected. There is one missing plug and its associated loom, I assume it is to do with the Navigation - there are pin outs on the unit and places on the internet selling retro fit kits. Note loom is not complete, I spent a couple of hours in a scrap yard retrieving this but was left with no choice but to get what was there, some sections had already been butchered when I got there, also the unit itself has no code. I did have the reg and vin of the car somewhere and was going to try and fit it into my A4 but now that it has gone, I cannot find the details of the donor :wall: just can't bear to chuck!:o

8D0 035 192 GX
4D0 919 146
4D0 035 530 A
8D1 971 733 CJ
etc etc

Double DIN cage, climate control unit also available. Includes cup holder and switches. Pretty beaten up but there if anyone needs it.;)

Open to offers, I could have put them on ebay but I'm not greedy, not sure really what some of it is worth and thought I'd give forum users first dibs! I can post some of the items but the likes of the nav system I would rather someone collected it from me - its heavy and wouldn't want it to get broken.

Any questions PM me for more details ! I will try my best to get back to you quickly....:)

urquattr085 28-08-17 02:35 PM


Pm'd about door handle

Flying Frank 28-08-17 03:22 PM

PM sent about the three gauges in the panel complete with wires etc.

Mellis46 28-08-17 03:57 PM


Professor 29-08-17 12:47 PM

How much for the double din cage complete?

slacky 29-08-17 02:27 PM

Hi mark , how much for cargo net , red rear lens & relay 99 (if 2 for sale ? Maybe one left?)

Mellis46 29-08-17 05:22 PM

PMs sent :tup:

CarlPearl 21-01-18 05:57 PM

Hi ... a bit late too this thread, but do you still have :

80 S2 RS2 Avant/Estate Anthracite Load cubby & first aid kit panels/covers. Good working order. Will sell individually or together.


Mellis46 21-01-18 06:16 PM

PM-ed :tup:

Mellis46 21-01-18 06:25 PM


Originally Posted by slacky (Post 432746)
Hi mark , how much for cargo net , red rear lens & relay 99 (if 2 for sale ? Maybe one left?)

Chris this has reminded me I still have these bits here! "Time Flies" and all that!! Should I post them over to you :)

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