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I-5 cannibles

Group Created by matt_c

For those who have offered up a sacrificial S2,S4,S6 to the great god of 20vt conversions, Ripped out its heart and thrown it in to their very own Frankenstein.........(not for the mentally infirm amongst us)

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All that remains on the S6
From Isimmo
The AAN scrubbed up nicely after a life of motorways
From Isimmo
RallyWreck v S6
From Isimmo
The donor
From Isimmo
The void
From Isimmo
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  1. Isimmo
    27-01-11 06:34 PM
    Well, the deed is done, it's been filleted and went onto the Wagon to the Scrappy today, resplendent still with it's full cream leather interior...
  2. Isimmo
    25-01-11 07:50 PM
    Well, John's totally filleted the guts out if it today, the wiring and numerous other bits are scattered liberally all over the workshop... Looks rather like the aftermath of a medieval battle.
  3. matt_c
    24-01-11 11:37 PM
    nice pics guys, Im like the before and afters.

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