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  1. laura80
    16-06-12 01:47 PM
    thanks , yeah im well pleased its getting somewhere finally thought it was never going to happen! running ok ish, bit of fine tuning here & there required but shouldnt take too much. .wow small world if it was you , i remember something in the ad for the spoiler comparing it to either an ironing board or dining table ... it is pretty massive
  2. 4v6
    16-06-12 12:41 PM
    Hey laura, no problem, yeah i think maybe you did buy the spoiler, it seems kind of familiar to me at least.

    Would be about 3 years ago too, so probably is the same item.

    Hope your cars going ok, looks to be very nice in the photo you put up.
  3. laura80
    16-06-12 09:51 AM
    hi , i was trying to look at ur profile pic earlier (using my mobile) & think i accidently pressed the report button , cancelled it real quick tho so hopefully wont be a prob, sorry about that, dam phones. i have a spoiler like that one in ur pic, didnt remember till i saw that photo, u didn't sell one about 3 yrs ago did u? that photo looks just like the one i bought it from on ebay!

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