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Conversation Between Hanuman and Flying Frank
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  1. Hanuman
    11-03-17 09:46 PM
    Hi, Frank. My 'sense of humour' gets free once in a while.
    Hoping you're enjoying the sciroccos.
    I had planned to get down your way again, but it seems our week on week off thing doesn't actually make for much more free time!
  2. Flying Frank
    10-03-17 07:56 PM
    Flying Frank
    Hi Mark, not been on the Audi Forum so much as I'm now Audi'less as you have no doubt realised.

    Unfortunately, I'm not so quick on the uptake and have only just realised you changed your CA username…….but it does explain the post you put up about operating out of Exeter. It seemed strange to me that it did sound like someone who was flying for a living, but last I'd heard from you you were out somewhere in KL or some such?
    I've gone totally VeeDub now, and it really is a pleasure to have simpler and more basic little cars to work on, source parts for and generally run. They suit the local roads around here much better too, being that much smaller, and my budget come to that.

    Hope all well with you and if you plan to come down this way at all, will definitely meet up.

    best wishes, Frank

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