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  1. geneandbolly
    16-04-12 08:03 PM
    hi dave!

    i think that i've found THE car at last!!

    there's a guy who posted on this site says he lives near it. i might ask him if he'd go see it for me. with your expert eye what would you offer for this car?

    many thanks
  2. davallew
    11-04-12 06:50 PM
    Those flaps look the proper ones mate !
  3. geneandbolly
    11-04-12 01:45 PM
    hi dave!

    back to the issue of "flaps" again!
    do you think that these FRONT flaps will fit my car?
    mine is a 1994 car.

    muchos thanks!
  4. geneandbolly
    06-04-12 09:38 AM
    hi dave!

    i was taking the front pads out of the audi 80 the other day as they were squealing like a pig and when mooching around down there pulled the mudflaps off too as i was down to only one on the front and one on the rear! (scottish roads etc etc)

    now, here's where i need your help! i binned both of them and the bin man took away the bin - i photographed the rear one and it matches up with these ones which i'm going to get to replace them
    however, i have no idea whatsoever what the front ones look like!! just whenever you get the chance, could you go on to ebay and send me the link for a pair of fronts if you see them, please? i can see nine pairs of mudflaps listed at
    but have no idea what ones will fit my car! interesting to note that the flaps (!) listed at
    look pretty much like the REARS see at


    many thanks
  5. geneandbolly
    12-02-12 02:31 PM
    hi dave,

    i don't know if this might interest you?


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