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  1. geneandbolly
    09-04-13 12:32 PM
    hi john,
    i need your help again, please!!
    the old 90 is throwing up a fault on the dash which looks like ( ! ) - no, it's not someone's arse crack - the book tells me that it's a brake or power steering problem..

    the brake pedal is great and there's no fluid loss in the reservoir. however, the power steering reservoir has a problem - there is a sensor (of course there bloody well is!!) which attaches to the green lid of the reservoir. when you unscrew the lid and lift it away, there is a central plastic spindle that should be attached to the inside of the green lid (which must connect with the sensor) that is about 2-3" long with what looks like a small white plastic float on the other end, the sinks into the power steering fluid.

    now, housed around this spindle should be a black spring that has what looks like a brass retaining plate, presumably to keep the whole assembly together when you lift the green lid off to check the fluid level.

    do you have the complete green lid and spindle spring plate assembly available to sell me? i only just got gene back from JL Engineering just now after james finding the correct plugs to attach his computer to (tucked behind the driver's side kick plate!), it's running better than ever, and was thinking on the drive home "i wonder what you'll do to me next, you gene hunt bastard of a car!"


    anyhoo, sorry for the rant!!


  2. geneandbolly
    01-02-13 06:48 PM
    john, i have emailed ian to see if he's up for next weekend and am still waiting for his reply.
    do you prefer sunday?
  3. John.
    18-05-12 02:43 PM

    Craig, Don't know if you've clocked this on e-bay or not. I asked the seller if there were any 80,90 or Coupe parts, to which I thought he might reply with exactly what parts he has. Got a reply of "Yes there are some bits to suit". I asked what he has and for what answer, so messaged him again.....still no answer. I recon it's probably all newer stuff and he hasn't really got a clue.
    How's the new toy?? Are you still cleaning it ?! Would be nice to meet you and Susie at the Stirling car club show but there's no way I can get the day off. Hope the weather's good for Sunday, looks promising.
  4. geneandbolly
    09-05-12 10:25 AM
    hi john,

    looks like i'm gonna meet this guy and get at least the small gauges from him. if you need anything for your car, then sort it out with this lad and let me know and i'll pick them up for you on the way up the road on saturday. phew - what a sentence!!!

  5. John.
    01-01-12 06:49 PM
    Gene and Bolly,
    Have you had any dealings with any of the Cortina owners clubs? I've got a hankering for one again !
    All the best

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